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Creative iOS app that combines photography, drawing and collage to create on-the-spot images with your camera - video embedded below:

Shrub is the new drawing app for iOS by Linked by Air / Jeffrey Scudder. The world around you is your paint.

There is a shrub-app Tumblr blog featuring submissions made with the app here

And for one day only, you can get the app free today from the app store here


NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman aboard the ISS: “SpaceVine timelapse - @astro_alex (ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst) worked the arm and I pushed the “so long” button on Cygnus.”

Credit: Reid Wiseman/NASA

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Astronauts smugly enjoying their space suits.

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Doug Wheeler - Untitled (1969) 


Doug Wheeler - Untitled (1969)